Beauty is Back!

Whether you've competed in other pageants or you're just giving this a shot for the first time; you should know how we're different. You're an actress, a model, a TV host. You're doing well, but you want to accelerate your career. You're looking for a breakout moment.

You've come to the right place. We're the pageant for that.

To compete for Queen Beauty USA, you must be:
  • 18 - 28 years old
  • 5'7" or taller [recommended]
  • Single, never married, no children
Queen Beauty USA is an open state pageant system. If you compete in one state and do not win; you can compete in up to two (2) more states in a single pageant cycle. There are no state residency requirements for you as a contestant or as a selected at-large state titleholder; however, all Queen Beauty USA contestants and titleholders must be naturalized citizens of the United States. No exceptions.
There are no accidents!

You found out about us for a reason. You're ready for what's next for your career, and you know we can help.

Get in touch with us and start your journey to becoming one of our Queens, today!

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